All About Me, AllMyModels, and Other Questions I Frequently Get Asked!
Allright for reasons I don't know, you guys keep emailing me asking me about AMM and about myself, so here's a little FAQ so you don't have to ask.  My name is Mike, 33 years old, born and raised in Texas.  How I ended up starting this site is this, when I graduated from college I ended up working for a well know software company as a programmer.  After 3 years of sitting in a cubicle doing the same stuff day in and day out I realized I needed to make a change. 

I had always been a big fan of real amateur adult videos and would scour the net trying to find them.  This you could say was my inspiration, I talked to a lawyer about the legalities of everything, and was born!  I bought a little classified ad in the back of one of those local weekly newspapers not sure what to expect.  A few days went by with no calls, then I got my first and second!   Those first couple shoots were so nerve racking, I was actually shaking during everything, lol.  I kept placing ads and doing more and more videos and putting them on the site, and I started to build up a little bit of a following.  After 8 months I really had everything rolling and decided to leave the day job and focus on AMM full time.  Since then I have shot over 60 girls updating this site every single week!  

Almost all the girls are recruited via Newspaper Ads, Online Classifieds, or by word of mouth from other girls who have shot for me.  Recently though we've had a surprising twist and have actually had girls email me asking to be on the site!  So if you look through all my videos you'll see the fan videos!   I really love when I have actual female fans want to be featured on AMM. 

I hope this clears up some of the most basic questions I get almost daily!  But please don't take that as I don't want your emails, because honestly one of the most rewarding parts of running this site, is hearing from all of the fans and members and getting your thoughts and opinions on the site, both good and bad.   Thanks for visiting my little piece of the internet!



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